Pardoners differ from other clerics in that they provide the goddesses' blessings as services for monetary gain. The Goddesses' Punishment, unlike the curse of demons, can only be lifted by Pardoners for a fee. Many Pardoners use the wealth they have gathered to make donations for the poor or for their own pleasure.

Pardoners are clerics who don't shy away from increasing their wealth through the goddesses' blessing.

Job Tree


Physical Stat: Pardoner

* Pardoner's stat growth ratio is changed.




Create a scroll out of one of your skills, allowing others to use it. You can only craft scrolls of maximum-level skills.

Unlock 1 CD 0.0s Lv
0 / 1

Scrolls disappear after use

Craftable scrolls

* Cure

* Monstrance, Turn Undead

* Restoration, Barrier

* Arcane Energy

Simony: Recovery
* Sinomy skill is changed to combat skill. Removes removable debuffs applied to the nearby allies when used

Applies the Indulgentia buff to nearby allies. While the buff is active, targets recover HP in regular intervals.

The amount of HP recovered increases by 10% when the Guardian Saint buff is active.

Unlock 1 CD 30.0s Lv
0 / 15

Heal Factor per Second: CaptionRatio2 %

Targeted Allies: CaptionRatio

Duration: 10 seconds

Indulgentia: Enhance
* Increases the heal factor of [Indulgentia] by 0.5% per attribute level
[Arts] Indulgentia: Enhanced Upgrade
* Increases the Skill Factor of [Indulgentia] by 1.25% per attribute level
Discerning Evil

Damages the enemy and forcibly extends the duration of harmful effects applied by the party member. Damage of Discerning Evil increases in proportion to the number of debuffs the enemy is under and the duration of the debuff that has already been increased does not increase again.

Enemies affected by Discerning Evil who enter a Holy-property magic circle will spread the Discerning Evil debuff to enemies nearby.

Unlock 1 CD 15.0s Lv
0 / 15

Skill Factor: SkillFactor %

Increases debuff duration by CaptionRatio % of the remaining duration(minimum of 5 seconds)

Increases the damage of Discerning Evil by CaptionRatio2 %(Maximum of 5)

Discerning Evil: Enhance
* Increases the skill factor of [Discerning Evil] by 0.5% per attribute level
[Arts] Discerning Evil: Indulgentia
* The debuff duration extension for [Discerning Evil] is limited to a maximum of 20 seconds, and the cooldown of [Indulgentia] is reduced by the largest amount of the debuff extensions.
[Arts] Discerning Evil: Enhanced Upgrade
* Increases the Skill Factor of [Discerning Evil] by 1.25% per attribute level

Open an Offering Box to receive donations from allies. Can only be opened near Goddess Statues in fields (not in cities).

Unlock 1 CD 0.0s Lv
0 / 5

Maximum Donations: CaptionRatio

Spell Shop

Open a shop to sell Grace buffs to other characters. Increases price when installing in Dungeon area.

Decreases commission for the profits when increasing skill level when exceeding the maximum learn level, Divine Might effect does not apply.

Unlock 31 CD 0.0s Lv
0 / 5

Buffs you can sell:

* Grace: Additional Property Hits

* Grace: Additional Damage

* Grace: Increase Magic Defense

* Grace: Increase Physical Defense

Buff Duration: CaptionRatio minutes

Spell Shop: Duration
* Increases the duration of [Spell Shop] by 3 minutes per attribute level when you apply a registered buff to a target
Grace Additional Holy Hits: Enhance
* Increases the damage inflicted by additional Holy Hits given by [Grace: Additional Holy Hits] in [Spell Shop] by 0.5% per attribute level
Grace: Additional Holy Damage
* Increases the additional Holy Damage given by [Grace: Additional Holy Damage] in [Spell Shop] by 0.5% per attribute level
Grace: Increase Magic Defense
* Increases the additional magic defense given by [Grace: Increase Magic Defense] in [Spell Shop] by 0.5% per attribute level
Grace Increase Physical Defense: Enhance
* Increases the additional physical defense given by [Grace: Increase Physical Defense] in [Spell Shop] by 0.5% per attribute level
Increase Magic Defense

Temporarily increases the Magic Defense of you and your party members. The increase applies in proportionally to the caster's SPR.

20~30 seconds delay is given when the caster leaves the party or logs out and if they do not return in time, the buff disappears.

Unlock 16 CD 87.0s Lv
0 / 10

Magic Defense: + CaptionRatio %

Duration: 30 minutes

Increase Magic Defense: Enhance
* Increases [Increase Magic Defense]'s magic defense increasing effects by 0.5% per attribute level

Attack an enemy with money collected as offerings.

Unlock 16 CD 20.0s Lv
0 / 10

Skill Factor: SkillFactor %

AoE Attack Ratio: SkillSR

Dekatos: Enhance
* Increases the skill factor of [Dekatos] by 0.5% per attribute level
[Arts] Dekatos: Enhanced Upgrade
* Increases the Skill Factor of [Decatose] by 1.25% per attribute level