Name Title

[Lama] Start of the Rescue

Lama's unlock requirement has been completed.

[Lama] Start of the Rescue

[Lama] Unlock Voucher: Achievement 1

Clear Reputation quest 250 times (valid for [Daily], [Weekly] quest only){nt} Lama must spread the faith and help the weak.

[Lama] Unlock Voucher: Achievement 2

Collect Goddess Token (Gabija) x100,000 {nt} Lama saves people and shows their faith.

[Lama] Unlock Voucher: Achievement 3

Defeat 10,000 Devil-type monsters in Episode13-1 area field.{nt} Lama must help the weak suffering from the demons.

[Lama] Unlock Voucher: Achievement 4

Defeat 100 boss monsters in Challenge Mode of Episode 13-1 or above{nt}Lama develops through the hardship.

[Lama] Unlock Voucher: Achievement 5

Defeat 3,000 monsters in Unknown Sanctuary 1F or above{nt}Lama values exterminating the evil first.

[Lama] Determination for the Weak

You have completed every Lama Costume Achievements.

[Lama] The Clothing of the Rescuer

[Lama] Costume: Achievement 1

Receive Weekly Boss Raid Reward 80 times by the character that learned Lama class.

※1 time will be added when obtaining each score reward.{nt} Exterminate the evil with Lama's martial art, and save the people.

[Lama] Costume: Achievement 2

Reach 12,000 gear score with the character that advanced to Lama class.{nt} Lama grows by traveling around and helping people.

[Lama] Costume: Achievement 3

Clear any Goddess Raid 100 times with the character that advanced to Lama class. {nt} Lama punishes the evil with their colleagues to save the weak.

[Lama] Costume: Achievement 4

Clear Bounty Hunt 10 times with the character that advanced to Lama class. {nt} There are many in the corner of the world who awaits Lama's salvation.

[Lama] Costume: Achievement 5

Hunt 5,000 Beast-type monsters in Episode 13-1 fields or above with [Surging Wave] of Lama skill{nt}Defeat the evil with Lama's martial arts to save the people in Orsha.


You have completed every Lama Master's Request.{nt}{img plate_achieve_Lama 214 34}



Weekly Boss Raid Class Ranking No.1 Title


[Contents] Clear Goddess: Sinking Seizure 5 times.

Cleared Sinking Seizure 5 times.


A title given to users who participated in the 2022 season server.


Hello Everyone!

Shout the phrase of the week by using the megaphone (Once per day)

Nice & Polite

Use the emoji in normal/party chat while participating in Auto Match contents (Tip: Use the macro [Alt + Shift + 0~9]) (3 times per day)

Hearts & Likes

Send hearts to other savior by clicking "Like" (3 times per day)

Gesture of Harmony

Hold one gesture for 30 seconds or above nearby the Goddess Statue in major towns. (Once per day)