Name Title

[Jaguar] Unlock Voucher: Achievement 2

Hunt 10,000 Beast-type monster in fields of EP 14-1 or above{nt} Jaguars do not run away from their enemies in the wild.

[Jaguar] Unlock Voucher: Achievement 3

Maintain the food buff from the Squire's food table for 30 minutes.{nt}Jaguars are always hungry.

[Jaguar] Unlock Voucher: Achievement 4

Fish 100 Silver Fish. {nt} Jaguars do not miss their prey.

[Jaguar] Unlock Voucher: Achievement 5

Clear Daily/Weekly Res Sacrae quest 100 times.{nt}Jaguars accept the price for what they have done.

[Jaguar] Hunter

You have completed every Jaguar Costume Achievements.


[Jaguar] Costume: Achievement 1

Hunt 10,000 Beast-type monsters in areas of EP 14-1 or above by using [Jaguar Stance]. {nt} Jaguars always trains their skills.

[Jaguar] Costume: Achievement 2

Deal a billion damage or above 10 times in the Weekly Boss Raid.{nt} Jaguars like to show off their strength.

[Jaguar] Costume: Achievement 3

Hunt 100 boss monsters in Challenge Mode Lv.460 or above (field Challenge Mode included){nt} Jaguars must handle their foe easily, even if they are strong.

[Jaguar] Costume: Achievement 4

Reach 14,000 Gear Score with the character that advanced to Jaguar. {nt} Jaguars prove that they are powerful assassins.

[Jaguar] Costume: Achievement 5

Obtain 150,000 Goddess Token (Vakarine) {nt} Jaguars like to take a token for their hunting.

[Jaguar] Eye of the Wild

You have completed every Jaguar Master's Request.{nt}{img plate_achieve_Jaguar 214 34}

[Jaguar] Eye of the Wild


Weekly Boss Raid Class Ranking No.1 Title